Why Choose Flight Centre for your Registry Service?

Whether it's a birthday, engagement party, wedding, a graduation you've been counting down until, or your retirement goals, Flight Centre's Gift Registry can help make your travel dreams come true. Whatever the celebration, make sure your family and friends know you want trips not toasters. Memories not more stuff. Adventures not another pair of socks and jocks! Setting up a registry is completely free. And contributors are only charged a $1.00 transaction fee, regardless of the size of their contribution - the cheapest registry around!

Does it cost me to create a Registry with Flight Centre?

Not a cent. Creating a gift registry is a free service from Flight Centre for our customers. Lots of Gift Registries have fees – particularly wedding ones. We just want to help you turn your holiday dreams into a reality. Contributors are only charged a $1.00 transaction fee, regardless of the size of their contribution - the cheapest registry out there!

How can I tell people about my Flight Centre Gift Registry?

You can share your unique the Flight Centre Gift Registry URL and Registry Code, via email or social media. We encourage you to share your Registry as far and wide as you like, because the more contributions you receive the further we can send you, the more we can upgrade you, the more adventures you can experience!

Can I register if my event is not a wedding?

Whatever your occasion, Flight Centre's Gift Registry service is here to help you. Some popular registry events include engagements, weddings, babymoons, graduations, retirement, going away presents, anniversaries, birthdays, fundraising, divorce celebrations or a Christmas wish list! But do you really need an excuse for a holiday?! Make it a ‘Just Because' Registry – we don't mind!

Can I organise a registry for someone else?

If you are organising a registry for someone else, we recommend you set up the registry with your own personal contact details so you are the main point of contact. We recommend you state in the Event Title and Event Details that you are coordinating the present and it's a surprise! When you have finished raising funds for the registry, you can draw down the balance of the registry as an e-gift card - and give the e-gift card to the person you organised the event for as the gift. Your gift recipient can take the e-gift card printout into a Flight Centre store to arrange their travel.

Are there any fees to contribute to a Gift Registry?

There is a small transaction fee of $1.00 for each contribution your guests make to the Gift Registry. There is no fee to set up a Gift Registry or to draw down the balance.

How do I set up my Registry?

You'll need to enter your primary contact and event details: https://flightcentre.fctggiftregistry.com         

How do I log into my account?

When you register, you'll be prompted to create a password. After your initial registration is complete, to log in anytime, simply click login, in the top right hand corner of flightcentre.com.au/registry

I've forgotten my Registry password. How do I reset my password?

Contact gift_cards@flightcentre.com Monday to Friday AEST or call 1300 554 268 24/7 and we'll reset it for you, after asking a few identifying questions.

Can I have more than one Registry set up at the same time?

Absolutely. You might be organising a retirement present for someone leaving work, and have your own birthday coming up. Both can be separate Flight Centre Gift Registries in your account. Simply log in and set up each Registry separately, and then you can switch between the two event Registries when under the ‘View My Event' drop down.

How do I withdraw/draw down the money in my Gift Registry?

You can withdraw the money given to you at any time. You don't need to withdraw it all at once (you might need some for a deposit now, and some for a tour later). Simply visit the ‘Contributions' page and click, ‘Redeem Funds'. Decide on the amount of funds you would like to withdraw and you will be sent an e-gift card to the same email address used to set up the Gift Registry. We can only issue e-gift cards to a maximum value of $4000 per e-gift card. So if you have withdrawn a balance of more than $4,000, you will receive more than one e-gift card emails. Each email will have a single e-gift card attached. You can download and print these e-gift cards, or you can open them on your smartphone and add them to your Digital Wallet. Show your Flight Centre Consultant your printed e-gift card or your Digital Wallet, and they'll be able to redeem this towards the balance of your holiday.

Do you take a percentage of the funds collected?

No definitely not! Whatever funds your guests choose to send you is exactly what you will receive to spend at Flight Centre Travel Group on flights, hotels, car hire, cruises, tours and more. However please note as per our Gift Card terms and conditions, Gift Cards may not be redeemed or exchanged for cash, gift cards, traveller's cheques, cash passports or any other form of currency.

When does a Gift Registry close or expire?

A Gift Registry closes on the day of your event. You have 12 months after the date of your event to draw down the balance of your gift registry before it expires. When you draw down your e-gift card, they are valid for three years from the date of drawdown/issue. See the Flight Centre Gift Card Terms and Conditions for further information https://www.flightcentre.com.au/gift-card-terms-and-conditions

How can I see my contributions?

On the ‘Contributions' page you can see the date the contribution was made, who gifted you the contribution (unless they have chosen to remain anonymous), the amount they contributed, and if they left you a message. You also have the ability to export a summary of this information to help you if you wish to send thank you messages to your contributors. As the organiser of the registry, this information is only available to you when you log in, and not publicly visible to your guests or the broader public.

What if I need to postpone or cancel my event?

In the unfortunate situation that your event needs to be postponed you will need to contact gift_cards@flightcentre.com and they can assist you with changing the date of your event. You can deactivate your Registry in the ‘Registry Details' page.

Can my international guests use the Flight Centre Gift Registry?

We provide full support for Australian and overseas guests. All guests can browse your registry online from any computer, tablet or smartphone, and purchase by credit card. No extra fees are charged for overseas guests. However all Registry draw downs are done in Australian Dollars, and e-gift cards are redeemable at participating Flight Centre Travel Group retail stores located within Australia.

When is the best time to set up a Registry?

For all events, the more notice you give people the better. For a wedding we recommend setting up your registry at least 2 weeks prior to sending your invitations to your guests. You can always send reminders closer to the event date. The gift registry will close for contributions at the end of the day on your event date. It will remain open for 12 months after your event date for you to withdraw the remainder of your balance. Your e-gift cards are valid for three years from date of issue/withdrawal.

I've forgotten my Registry Code and/or URL. What should I do?

When you log in, simply select the ‘Registry Details' page from the menu. Alternatively, give the Gift Card and Gift Registry Team a call and they'll be able to ask you a few questions to verify your identity and get you on your way.

Will I get notified when people make contributions?

Absolutely. Every time you receive a contribution, you'll get a notification email. When someone makes a contribution, they will also receive an email confirming their contribution, and sending your thank you message. There is also the ability to be able to export a list of all your contributions, if you would like to send thank you messages separately.

How do I find a specific Flight Centre Gift Registry?

If someone has shared a registry with you, and you would like to contribute to it, simply search using their unique ‘Registry Code'. Alternatively, you can search via the event name and the event date, or use the unique registry URL.

Can I get a physical gift card instead of an e-Gift Card?

Sorry, Physical Gift Cards can not be issued with Gift Registries.         

When can I draw down the balance of my Gift Registry?

The value on the Gift Registry can be redeemed anytime, you don't have to wait until the registry end date to draw down the balance into a e-gift card. Because of the nature of booking travel, you might want to withdraw the amount for a deposit early on. Later you might withdraw another amount for a hotel or car hire, and then use the remainder of the Gift Registry to pay off the balance of your dream holiday. However, from the date of your event, you have a maximum of 12 months to withdraw the balance.

Can I get the money in my Gift Registry as cash instead of an e-Gift Card?

As per our terms and conditions, refunds are not able to be given to registry holders. It's complicated financially, because legally refunds are only able to be given to the same person who paid for them, via the same payment method for fraud reasons. Therefore, we can only draw down your balance into an e-Gift Card.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount I can withdraw from my Gift Registry?

You can withdraw the money given to you at any time. You don't have to withdraw it all at once, you might need some for a deposit now, and some for a tour later. However we are unable to issue a Gift Card for a value lower than $0.10 So we recommend you take the cents with you when you withdraw!